Welcome english speaking friends


Welcome my friends. Today I launch the english speaking only section of my blog.

I know you wonder what the hell is this page all about.

I will start up by telling you what is not:

• I’m not selling anything

• I’m not trying to convince you to do something

• I’m not trying to be your friend

• I’m not trying to tell you how wrong  you are

• I’m not trying to preach any religious staff.

So you wonder why the hell are you reading this?

Honest I do not know, but I’m just a romanian guy living in Ireland since 1999 (just got the news that I’m granted irish citizenship) and on this page I speak my mind. Usually things I don’t like, to highlight those stupid things that I see or hear around me, with a special attention to Romania and romanians in general. You might be right to judge some romanians on a bad way, because I do the same, but bear in mind that you shouldn’t judge a nation thru’ just few negative elements out of few good millions examples .

I try to be honest (as the good irish are), but in the same time hard on issues and if I can with solutions.

With this english section I will go on probably to move more on irish issues is well.

I’m heavily involved in social media, technology and everything what internet means, so if you need some help in that area, probably I’m your man to show your presence online.

That been said, hope you will enjoy what you read and what you see on my pages.


Irlandezu’zu (in a free translation Irishguy Crazy (in a nice way))


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