I love Ireland…


I live for so long here, that I like to think myself I’m half irish… and after a near life long time spent here, I wonder what I really like so much about. But then again it’s me speaking and will put side by side some reasons for having something that I wouldn’t miss that much…

I love the weather. Why? Because if it isn’t about the weather you wouldn’t have nothing else to talk about with the taxi driver. So I miss the weather from my other home country.

I love the people. Why? They are friendly in the pubs, if you go there offen. Otherwise no one will talk to you, cos’ you look different.

I love the green grass. Why? I just love green. But I so much love to sit on it, to have a nice picnic in a lovely 25 degrees? Not going to happen, so I stick with the color. And I think maybe the green not so nice of grass from my other home, is not that bad in a lovely 28 degrees in the summer.

I love the streets of Dublin. Why? They are so narrow that two cars won’t fit side by side, and at no point no driver can swear at you thru’ the side window. Not like in my other home where swearing thru’ the side window is a national sport.

I love the castles of Ireland. Why? They are so many beautiful, cold and left in disarray. One owner at a radio show said is better to live them in ruin, than to keep them in good condition, gives a surreal look to the country.

I love the houses of Ireland. Why? They are either too small, either too big. And no matter how they are, they are badly insulated, and you can feel the nice cold humid air every time of the year. But they do have nice doors… full of color. The are so nice that 20% of postcards from Ireland have pictures of doors.

I love my job. Why? It is my job, I have it for so long, that I feel attached to it. It is so hard to leave a job, we have a special bond. But….I would love to have it in another country …

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