Ups… Google did it again!


I have all the reasons in the world to be pissed off on Google. Their team on Adsense simply does a poor job. They disable again my Adsense account. The minute that you build up some traffic, on your website thru’ quality post, and a well promoted page thru usual chanels like Facebook and Twitter, they asume you’ve done something against their stupid rules, and they call it Invalid Activity… and they send you an email with all the crappy reasons like protecting customers. Give me a break, I haven’t break any rules, I did not purchase traffic, why in the name of someone will I purchase traffic from some strangers when my targets are plain and clear and I wouldn’t be interested in some chinese guys or indians to visit my romanian speaking blog?

Please do more check ups on my website, even has a gadget on the right hand side to see where my visitors come from? What is so hard to even look at that gadget to see than nothing funny is happening with my website?

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